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    Teresa Risner - MBA, LTCP, CLTC®

    After a career as an Air Force Officer, then as a University Professor, Teresa became professionally committed to the issue of long term care when she saw how emotionally wrenching and expensive such care became during her mother’s final years. She watched as long term care depleted her mother’s life savings and eventually created a financial burden for the entire family. Additionally, her cousin was diagnosed in her late 40s with Alzheimer ’s disease, and as a result, Teresa realized that long term care need is no respecter of age. These experiences drove home the importance of education and early planning.

    In addition to an MBA, Teresa holds a Certification in Long Term Care (CLTC®), and a Long Term Care Professional (LTCP). For over 20 years, her approach has been to educate, inform, and present available options. She is well known around Central Florida for her services and public speaking engagements on issues involving aging and long term care. Teresa also serves on the Board of the Creative Care Association which brings music and arts into the lives of long term care residents.

    Joy Yankovich - CLTC®

    Joy Yankovich has been in the financial industry for over 20 years and specializes in serving those planning to retire. She understands the significant impact that extended care needs can have on a family. Her own family's issues have driven home the importance of developing a life plan that encompasses adequate planning as well as retirement income goals. She has a gift for explaining the complicated in a way that both clarifies and distresses potentially challenging issues.

    She is known for her in-depth knowledge and straightforward approach to helping people understand practical and affordable solutions for all of their planning needs. Joy can assess your requirements and help you choose an appropriate strategy to help protect your financial independence and maintain your peace of mind.

    Rob Mather

    Rob Mather moved from Rome, New York to Florida in 1998. While in Rome, Rob ran a successful business as a General Contractor for over 20 years.  Before moving to Orlando, Rob tried to help his mom choose a Medicare plan and found out just how confusing the system can be. Rob saw that there was a real need for seniors to find an insurance agent who can help them navigate through the Medicare system and choose the right plan to meet their individual needs. Today Rob still treats every client as if they were his own Mom or Dad.


    Dick Markel

    Dick's mission is to help seniors and their families protect their financial security and plan for the future. Having been a caregiver for five years to a wife with Alzheimer’s Disease, he completely understands the need for comprehensive healthcare, along with being educated and aware of your rights and options in protecting your family and financial security. For many years, Dick has enjoyed the opportunity to educated and consult with seniors on their rights and options during their retirement years. Dick holds himself to the highest level of personal and professional integrity and promise to only recommend solutions that are in his clients' best interests.

    Louis Caputo

    In the late 1960s, Lou was an insurance professional with MetLife. Over the next 38 years, his career moved to the marketing side of heavy equipment manufacturing, where he rose to global senior management. In 2011, life took yet another turn when a close family member needed his help and support due to extended care needs. It drew him back to the insurance industry where he now uses his skills as a planner. Louis is skilled at helping people plan for long term care and navigate the Medicare puzzle. He has lived in Waterford Lakes with his wife Gloria for over 20 years and is a proud father to three and grandfather to eight. LTC Advisors is lucky to have his special brand of caring and calm assurance as he answers the needs of his community.

    Bob and Sandra

    Sandra Stanley

    After more than 10 years recruiting therapists into Skilled Nursing Facilities, Sandra decided to help people protect their dignity and their assets in case a healthcare crisis happens.

    She works closely with her husband, Bob, as a family-oriented team to offer expertise to seniors and understand their health needs as well as their financial concerns.

    Representing all of the major, top-rated insurance companies, Sandra and Bob are able to provide their clients with a variety of products that will satisfy their needs and concerns. Their philosophy is that the advisors’ responsibility and allegiance is with the client, not an insurance company.


    Bob Stanley

    After many years in the insurance industry helping clients with health and long term care planning, Bob is now supporting Long Term Care Advisors as our Marketing Director. He manages our outreach to the local community while also supporting his wife, Sandra, in her practice. We are lucky to have his years of experience and his personal commitment to always putting our clients first.

    Robert Rycyk

    Robert grew up outside of New Orleans, and he graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in HealthCare management. After a 15-year corporate career, he realized that his heart was somewhere else.

    When an opportunity to transfer to Orlando arose in 2006, he was excited to move where his grandparents had lived his entire life. Here, he became involved in senior organizations and was able to spend valuable time getting closer to his grandparents. This ignited a realization that working with seniors would be fulfilling and a way to give back. His clients appreciate that he listens to their concerns, and together they develop solutions best suited to their needs. Outside of work, Rob enjoys watching college football, fitness, and spending time with his wife and two young boys.


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