• Life Insurance

  • People get life insurance for many reasons and some are not always obvious. Are you bombarded with offers of ‘cheap’ insurance that won’t ask health questions and is guaranteed? Do you know the real cost of such insurance?

    Maybe you have a young family with children to protect if the main breadwinner dies unexpectedly. Maybe you would like your mortgage paid off for your spouse in the event of your death. Perhaps you are concerned about your final expenses.

    Did you know that the right kind of life insurance can generate tax free income at retirement? In fact, it can provide the basis for a solid retirement plan. Perhaps you have a special needs child that must have immutable income after you’ve gone. Perhaps your grandchildren will need a down payment for a home when they get married and you would like to help.

    The advantages of owning life insurance extend far beyond the payout to a beneficiary at the time of death. As important as it is, this is only one way that life insurance protects those you love. Whether you are a newlywed protecting a young family, a parent or grandparent who wants to provide a strong foundation for family, or a savvy investor who aims for additional income options, we can help.

    LTC Advisors demystifies insurance and helps you find the right fit. We affiliate independently with over 50 companies and tailor coverage to your needs and budget without limiting your choices.


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