• Medicare / Medicaid

  • As one approaches age 65 (or earlier if disabled), the alphabet soup of Medicare solutions that faces us can be daunting. LTC Advisors provides peace of mind by making the jigsaw understandable and helping you choose options to fit your life. Whether you are considering a Medicare Supplement with Part D, or a Medicare Advantage plan, your choices should meet your needs, leave you in control and working within your budget.

    Original Medicare helps pay for some, but not all healthcare costs. Starting in the 1960s, insurance companies have helped us pick up some of those uncovered expenses. Since that time the rules have only become more numerous and the amount of ‘advice’ out there has become overwhelming and incomprehensible to many.

    Let us help you cut through the fog because Medicare choices don’t have to be confusing. Let’s look at the doctors you want to see, the medications you take and what you are most concerned about in your future health. We help make the incomprehensible clear!

    LTC Advisors helps you choose the right health care plan for you. We are not limited to one company and will fit insurance options to your needs. We will not shoehorn you into a particular plan. Using an agent does not cost you more and, in fact, will ensure that you have an expert and advocate to rely on when you need help. Each year brings changes and our continued support will help you navigate any adjustments.

    Let LTC Advisors be your expert and advocate.

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