• Retirement Planning

  • You spend years working to accumulate wealth, but do you have a plan beyond work? Sometimes, there is no clear objective beyond worrying whether there is enough money to retire with. But how much is “enough”? Have you determined your goals after leaving the work force? Regardless of when this next phase of life starts, we all want it to be as rewarding as possible. Ask yourself these questions:

    • What does retirement look like?
    • What will my spending needs be?
    • What do I want to do with my time?
    • Where do I want to go?
    • What new discoveries are possible?
    • Do I want to volunteer?
    • Can I afford to retire?

    We can plan to be happy and enjoy this next stage of life, or we can hope that everything will work out fine. But hope is not a plan.

    LTC Advisors is dedicated to helping our clients find peace of mind and financial security. We help you see the big picture and make decisions in concert with your objectives. With a comprehensive report to assess and enhance your current financial situation, we help you prepare for spending needs, tax liabilities, market risk, insurance and investments, power of attorney documents and the overall estate plan. Whether providing a first look or a second opinion, you’ll gain a comprehensive and convenient overview of all your retirement assets – no matter where they’re secured – to see how they come together for an effective and ideal retirement lifestyle.


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